Dental Implants Financing Made Easy

Dental implants have helped hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country who are missing one or more of their natural teeth restore form, function, and health to their mouths. If you are missing any or all of your natural teeth, you may be interested in the extraordinary benefits of dental implants, but concerned over the associated price tag, especially since most dental insurance plans do not cover implant dentistry. Fortunately, there is healthcare financing available that can put the cost of dental implants within your reach. The question is which healthcare financing company is right for you?

When it comes to your dental implants financing, Citerra Finance wants to partner with you in helping to make your dream smile a reality. Imagine being able to bite, chew, speak, and smile with renewed ease and confidence once again. Citerra Finance can provide you with the financing to make that happen. How? Read on.

How Does Citerra Finance Provide Financing for Dental Implants?

Citerra Finance deals exclusively in financing elective medical treatments such as dental implants. Our goal is to make financing easy for patients like you, doing all of the hard work so that all you have to worry about is undergoing the procedure and then making affordable monthly payments to the bank afterward. The process is simple:

1.    Choose an implant dentist who you want to perform your procedure.

2.    Apply for a loan through Citerra Finance by filling out a simple form online.

3.    Our team will review your application and run your credit.

4.    If you are approved, we will notify you, usually within an hour of your application.

5.    We will send your loan approval form to your implant dentist. If this dentist is not already in the network of medical professionals with whom we regularly work, we will check his or her credentials and practice history before proceeding with step six.

6.    We will verify your loan with the bank, whereupon the bank will send the money for your implant procedure to us.

7.    We will pay for your procedure in full, and you will make monthly payments to the bank.

It’s that simple. Really, the only steps in the process above that require any action on your part are steps one, two, and seven. We do the rest of the work on your behalf.

Why Not Make a Vacation Out of Your Implant Procedure?

While it is true that the placement of dental implants is a major surgical procedure, why shouldn’t you have your surgery performed in a location you’ve always wanted to visit, where you can recover in luxury and enjoy some time away from your usual surroundings? Citerra Finance is unique among healthcare financing companies in that we will help you cover the cost of travel if you decide to have your implant dentistry procedure performed outside of the United States. We will help to pay for airfare, accommodation, and other costs associated with your visit. Why not treat yourself to a vacation along with a new, healthy smile?

Learn More about Dental Implants Financing

To learn more about dental implants financing through Citerra Finance, please contact our healthcare financing experts today.

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